НК 8

“Nano Silicon”  – a mineral fertilizer, an environmentally friendly product made on the basis of ultra-pure silicon, is produced in Russia by a unique technology that ensures the production and preservation of biologically active silicon, coloidal size.
The product is available in liquid form, intended for the preparation of aqueous solutions. It contains silicon and other vital trace elements in a form accessible to the plant


  • Presowing seed treatment
  • Accelerates seed germination and plant growth
  • Serves as a top dressing during the growing season
  • Increases crop yields, plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions.

Mechanism of action

Modern scientific studies show that the processes that ensure the vital activity of cells have an electrical nature.
The main secret of the successful operation of the new fertilizer is the very small particle size of a pure silicon crystal.
It is in the nano size that silicon freely penetrates the cell membrane and becomes available at the cellular level. A plant cell essentially receives a power plant in addition to its internal batteries.
Extra vital energy!


  • The flint basis of the preparation makes it unique among plant growth regulators.
  • A comprehensive restorative and balanced regulatory action on the vital processes of plants.
  • Increases field germination and seed germination energy.
  • Stimulates root system development, plant growth and development.
  • Increases frost resistance and contributes to the rapid restoration of crops after wintering.
  • Helps to prolong the assimilation activity of the photosynthetic apparatus in plants, which leads to the accumulation of biomass and increased yield.
  • Gives plants mechanical strength, strengthens the walls of epidermal cells and prevents lodging.
  • Increases plant resistance to physiological diseases and relieves stress, strengthens the protective functions of plants.
  • Participates in the process of supporting the internal reserve of water, increases the resistance of plants to drought, extremely high temperatures.
  • Promotes a more complete assimilation of nutrients from the soil and fertilizers.
  • Significantly prolongs shelf life and improves the taste and appearance of vegetables, fruits and berries.
  • Reduces the accumulation of nitrates and heavy metals in plants.
  • Environmental and genetic safety.
  • Ease of use, low cost rates.
  • Lack of additional energy costs due to compatibility with the entire line of agricultural chemistry.
  • Russian development and production-import substitution.
  • Manufacturability.

The procedure for preparing the working solution

  • Use only through the mother liquor.
  • Shake the Nanosilicon fertilizer bottle thoroughly.
  • Dissolve in 10 l of water no more than 3 kg of the drug.
  • Add the resulting solution to the sprayer barrel.
  • Prepare a working solution immediately before use and use within 24 hours.
  • Consumption of working solution 100-300 l / ha.
  • Store diluted solution in a closed container.